It's all In the Cosmos (2015)
A boy on the brink of manhood finds a reason to push on. As the first film that I wrote and directed with Ciara Boniface, this is the story that started it all.

The Factory Documentary (2019)
A Nigerian foreign exchange student navigates a path to his American Dream through empowering technology at his University Makerspace. 
Nakamara The Band (2018)
Nakamara's last song produced a music video in partnership with Tamarind. Working as a grip on set, I helped tell the story of a group of friends who find freedom through the power of song.
Skintight (2019)
Set in a small Texas town, a young Black woman becomes the prey of a cult that is built on a secret that stems skin-deep, with a Southern virtuous figure at its forefront.
The Session (2019)
A girl anxiously recounts her terrifying encounter with a deranged killer, and her last ditch effort to turn things around.
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