Self Control x Good Guy (2016)
A music video by Ciara Boniface starring Robert Bettis and Krista Boricua featuring music by Frank Ocean.

Directed by Ciara Boniface
The Session (2019)
A girl anxiously recounts her terrifying encounter with a deranged killer, and her last ditch effort to turn things around.
Directed by Sunny Perera
Skintight (2018)
Set in a small Texas town, a young Black woman becomes the prey of a cult that is built on a secret that stems skin-deep, with a Southern virtuous figure at its forefront.
Directed & Written by Ciara Boniface
Let It Out (2019)
A boy in a struggling relationship creates an unexpected bond with a girl at a party after she drags him into the bathroom to chat while she pees..
Directed & Written by Zach Taylor
BOY (2015)
A day in the life of a teenage boy. 
Directed by Ciara Boniface
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